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Re: [IP] Ultraflex


   The canula 'popping out' is the reason why Joshua can not use the 
 Ultraflex set. For some reason Dis feels that no one really needs a canula that
 smaller than 8mm in length. Those are TOO long for Josh as he is VERY skinny.
That is why we had to go with the MM sets (currently Quick Sets) because they 
have the 6mm canula length and those work great for Josh.

I also found the design of the UF set to be difficult to handle while trying 
to get it inserted.  The needle knob, for lack of a better word, is very small 
to hold on to and it allows the set to twist around the inserter needle while 
you are trying to hold on to it to insert.  With the QS sets MM made the 
 handle large enough to easily hold on to to insert and then, on top of that
 designed it in such a way that after you pull the introducer needle part of the
handle then folds over the needle and is a built in needle guard.  No worries 
about getting stuck!!

And, just so you know, Josh is currently pumping with the Dis H-Tron+ pumps 
but we are being allowed to use the MM sets.  We have great insurance!!!!  Oh 
we have just been approved to upgrade to the Deltec Cozmo.....YIPEEEEEE!!!!

mom to Joshua
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