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[IP] Raising Lows

My favorite thing to raise a low is "Romney's Kendall Mint Cake".  It is
basically sugar flavored with peppermint oil.  Most famous for having been
used as part of the "high altitude rations" on the first successful
Mt. Everest climb.  They come in 170g bars, which have nice little
dividing lines to break them into 20 pieces (~8.5g carb per piece).

If my blood sugar is normal, I /can't/ snack on these, they simply taste
too sweet, and strongly of peppermint.  If I'm low, however, they're an
easy texture to chew up, unlike a hard candy, and a bit softer than the
"chewy sweet tarts", and suddenly they taste "marvelous".  Unlike glucose
tabs, which I always hated, there's no "chalky" taste to them.

Sadly, they are only available in the States through REI (luckily there
are several near where I live).  But you can get them through the REI

$3.50 gets you two bars (one made with white sugar, one with
brown).  Certainly pretty cheap (especially compared to glucose tabs!)  I
have written the company in England (www.kendal.mintcake.co.uk) to let
them know about my "unusual" use of their product, and suggest a slightly
different form and packaging which would make treating lows a little
easier.  I haven't yet heard from them, but maybe if there are more of us
who find it useful, we can encourage them to start a new market!  ;)


Jessica Marder
email @ redacted
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