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[IP] RE: New Topic - taking control

Becky - I hope I am as graceful and wise as you if/when I have a

(mother of Ben, 15, dxd. 5/98)

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Sent: July 03, 2003 9:29 AM
Hello Renee,

I can understand your frustration and your fears for you daughter as I
also have a Type I son...now grown and on his own...engaged to be
married next year.  I am his Mother...

However...I can also see Melissa's side as I was diagnosed in 1957 at
age 6 years and grew up a Type I Diabetic.  I had/have a Mother <g>.

>From my point of view...it is also frustrating to be reminded by family
to "take care of yourself". We know...we know...we know!

My future daughter-in-law and I went out for lunch last week and she
tells me how my son's health is doing...(he is 32 years now) and as his
Mom I was upset with my son!  I just told her to tell him that not only
is he responsible for himself BUT he is also responsible to be healthy
for her.

I am not going to phone my son and remind him of what he should be
doing...BUT...I will ask him how he is doing without prying or advising.
He knows...he knows...he knows.

I recall the times my Mother told me all the horrible complications of
Diabetes...even though it was sincere fear on her part for my
benefit...the advice was not needed nor was it what I wanted to hear.

Just be a loving and caring parent and allow Melissa to be the
responsible young woman you reared.  She will take care of herself.

Becky LaSpina
IDDM since 1957   MM507C since 12/98
HbA1c's average since pumping at 6.0


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