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Re: [IP] Humor in testing - how many of you have spurted while testing?

On Monday, June 23, 2003, email @ redacted wrote:

> Was sitting on my bed, got the strip ready and pricked the finger, and 
> put
>  the pricker down. I went to squeeze the finger, and a small jet of 
> blood shot
> up
> and squirted on my glasses.

Yes, I see it could be funny then, but...

I posted a while back about the Dr. Gridlock column in the Washington 
Post discussing the issue of blood glucose testing on the subway 
system, and concluding that it should not be done.  My letter to the 
columnist disagreeing with his conclusion, and those of others on this 
list, implied there was no risk to other passengers.  Well, if blood 
could spurt out onto them, I don't think many people would tolerate it, 
even though, of course, in most cases it would not really be any risk.

This issue has been in the back of my mind since I read, I think, 
Summer refer to such an incident.  I started testing in 1980, with much 
larger lancets than we use today, and test a whole lot, and have never 
had it happen (maybe I test so much there's not enough blood for it to 
happen? <gr.>).  Sometimes more than I expected comes out if I squeeze, 
but it has never spurted off the finger.  I have had "gushers" when I 
removed infusion sites, and would be very careful about removing a site 
on the metro <gr.>. And I have had blood come out of old holes when I 
squeeze, so I do always have a blotter ready, but it has never spurted 

How many of you have had blood spurt out while testing?

Linda Z
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