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[IP] Re: IP] New Topic - Maintaining Control

Thank God for Lawn Ninja's post! It is very depressing to see posts which
talk about a1c's in the 5s, 6s, and even 8s as being "not satisfactory" and
"could do better" (especially those lower ones!)

My son too has had a lot of trouble maintaining control in college. He's the
same age as Renee's daughter. If he had a1c in the 8 range, I would weep for
joy. He knows everything to do, and had good control for years, though never
a1cs in the 5s and 6s as his pediatric endo thought that was dangerous for
little kids. All I can say is he is improving slowly.

He tests 4 times a day now (up from never), has a new pump after 7 years
with the old one, and is trying. Nagging, and even reminding only makes
things worse. Counseling has helped a bit, with acceptance. It is an ongoing
process. This summer he is working at diabetes camp, and already has had
some insights into the "parental" viewpoint. OF course, there he is totally
into being a good example, which is pelasing to me.

Renee, I think if a college age kid with D gets through 4 years with a1c
around 8.5, it is a miracle. People usually get better again after college,
and slipping to 8.0-8.5 is really not much of a slip at all. She has all the
tools she needs, when she wants to really use them again. She knows what you
think and what you want for her.

It is sort of like the rest of life. You raise your kids to have good
ethics, morals, study and work habits, and do your best to instill values.
Then you let them go into the world. They may drift for a while, but if they
have the tools, they usually turn out fine. And, if they don't, there is not
much you can do, after you did your part for the first 18 years. Loving
support and a listening ear is about it.
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