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[IP] Kentucky pumpers... (and I didn't marry my cousin, he was taken)

> Shelly
> Perhaps Sherry meant she got married at 14!!!  LOL
> Debbie--another Kentuckian from Paducah--1/2 way between Monkey's Eyebrow and
> Possumn Trot
> ps  Sorry, Sherry!!!  How's the baby and puppy?
> To keep on topic is there a pump support group in Western Ky, Sherry?
No, I managed to hold out on marriage until I was 18, thank you very much (an
old maid in KY) But I did manage to break the stereotype and finish college
(although my useless English degree only helps me correct the Ph.D's spelling
here at university where I work as an office asst.) and I waited until I was
24 to be a mommy.
Sean is doing just fine. He just turned two in May and is a wild man. He talks
up a storm now! He loves matchbox cars, Hulk, Spiderman, firefighter toys, and
playing in the dirt. Of course, he's still the prettiest boy ever. The puppy
is as dumb as ever and has been banished to the fenced-in backyard for the
sake of my sanity.
To my knowledge, we don't have any type of pumper support group around here. I
occasionally see little meetings put on by the health dept. But they mostly
seem geared at older Type 2's and teach what Diabetes is, how to stay on your
diet plan, etc. I have a professor here at work who just became Type 2 and
keeps telling me I just need to eat better and I can stop my insulin. I just
shake my head. After over sixteen years of taking insulin, why didn't I think
of that????

Over and out.

Sherry C
>From the massive city of Bowling Green, KY
Where working a second job as a grocery bagger at night is just fun, fun, fun!
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