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[IP] paradigm water proof???


Could you describe how the bottom of the pump looks?  I wonder if it is the
same thing that happened to mine (I have not submerged it yet but MM thinks
as it stands today it might compromise the water tightness of it?  The area
that I am talking about is the 'cap' (not the soft portion but the
hard-plastic part that holds the soft minimed label and caps the body of the
pump from the bottom - or you could say the right side if looking at the
screen.)  Is that part a bit separated from the body of the main pump case?
I wish I could send a picture!!!  Well, I got my replacement pump but, to
me, it does not look any better than mine except that on the replacement one
this slight separation is all around instead than just one side. 

My original pump, on the cartridge side looks 'perfect' no separation at all
- it actually looks like it all one plastic case and not two put together.
There is no separation at all, just a clean edge.  But on the battery side,
it looks separated by a fingernail width at the edge.  The new one they sent
looks a bit separated all around.  

I am going to call our regional rep to ask her to take a look and for me to
look at her pump (she is a Paradigm pumper too.) 

I will let you know what I hear/find out.  If it is the same than mine, it
has nothing to do with dropping it.  

Thanks and please let me know if you notice a difference.  Feel free to tell
me that you have no clue as to what I am describing.

I want to find out if this is an issue and if I really have to send my
original pump back since the one that they send to me does not look that
much 'wattertighter' (not a word) than my original one.

Eloisa and Bombita (MM's Paradigm)
Dxd 2/11/03 Pumping since June 02
Date: Wed, 2 Jul 2003 17:40:15 EDT
From: email @ redacted
Subject: [IP] paradigm water proof???

 Until today I got out to eat lunch and give my self a bolus and I saw water
in the screen. I called mm they don't know what happened I had everything on
Kristy pumping 4 years 507c now on paradigm 
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