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RE: [IP] micro-albumin test

Hi Joni,
I have also the same concerns. I have had this test every 6 months for 10
years and have had no problems until last week when I had a reading of 23
( lab normal is less than 10 at my lab ). But my endo says the same as yours
that this test often returns a false positive for problems. I will be doing
this test twice in the coming week ( overnight collections at the start of
the week and at the end). Hopefully I will have better news the week after
when the results come in. i believe there is medication that can help in
this situation but that of course will wait on results. Have a vague memory
of people on this list talking about ACE or ARB in connection with this. Not
much help of course but perhaps someone else can comment.

P.S. My last 4 HbA1C's have been between 6.2 and 6.6

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I just had my 3 month A1C test and it's doen from 8.2 to 7.9 in only 3
months!!!  So, I am making progress slowly.  What I am really writing
about is the other test that I took while I was there, a microalbumin
urine test.  It checks for proteins in your urine from the kidneys, I
think?  Well, I got my results back and normal is under 30, mine was 61.
 I freaked out of course, but my endo said that my last albumin test was
0, so we would recheck it in 2 months.  Being sick or exercising very
rigorously can cause it to spike.  I was sick.  But I'm still worried
about it.  Does anyone have any more info?
Dx'd 2/00, Paradigm
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