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[IP] Re: very different insulin to carb ratios

Hi Deirdre,
       I would answer Yes to your first question.  Claire needs a different 
breakfast ratio than later in the day, I think you will find that is common 
with many pumpers here, not just kids.
But I find that if Claire is eating a meal very high in carbs at supper time, 
 I cannot give her the entire usual bolus, it will make her low.   Its like 
2.5 or 3 units is the max per meal she can take, even if she has eaten 4 or 5 
units worth of carbs.  Strange, I know.  She also boluses close to zero for 
pizza, otherwise goes low, and doesn't get later highs either.  

Barbara, Mum of Claire 9 

<<Nicole started on the pump just over 2 months ago.  We have found that her 
> breakfast insulin to carb ratio is 1 to 30 while the rest of the day it is 1 
> to
> 60.  Does anyone else have drastically different ratios?  Also breakfast is 
> her biggest meal (and I would consider it a very large meal for someone who 
> weighs 35 pounds), has anyone found that big meals need to be covered with a
> lower
> ratio?  Thanks for any input.
> Deirdre>>
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