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[IP] Re:Language

Thanks to those who wrote me about the word "suck"--I had to delete your 
emails quickly as my children were still up!

However, I have to agree with Mike, see his message below, this word isn't 
 considered a bad word in Canada. Maybe its different in the USA. But most all
young children use this word here and would never get in trouble with their 
teachers for using it in class.  I spend a lot of time with school age kids.

Barbara, Mum of Claire 9

> <<I respect what you are saying but in my opinion the word has evolved to 
> have
> a different meaning in todays society. IT has become so common place that I
> accept the word as meaning "that`s lousy, rotton, not very nice ect.... I
> don`t except your meaning there are more vulgar and discriptive words for
> what you call it. I don`t find the word "sucks" offensive to me. This
> mailong list has some very good dialog and it is always very good language
> wise. YMMV  Mike in Canada>>
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