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Re: [IP] Pumpers Group

Hello Maxine

I am about to start the wheels in motion to purchase  the disatronic D-TRON
PLUS and have not herd anything of any of you useing this pump I understand
the F D A.in the U.S.A. Has had some problem but I am assured everything
here in AUSTRALIA is okay. The D-TRON PLUS is the way to go it seems .

Pumps here are only just in the last couple of years starting to become
popular so not much feed back available.

cheers Fred Bowden 

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Date: Thursday, July 03, 2003 12:49:45
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Subject: [IP] Pumpers Group

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Is there anyone from Michigan with info for pumpers in the Downriver 
I'm new to the list and really have enjoyed the input you all have...It's a 
reminder and a way to motivate myself to have better control... I use a 
Disetronic H-tron plus./Humalog... I haven't heard of most of the types of
everyone has spoken about, not many have mentioned Disetronic.. I'm not
to date with all the adjustments I may need to make. I haven't had any 
complication to speak of thank God. I'm 44 years old, 17+ yrs- type 1.
26yr old son, 24yr old daughter. No signs for them of diabetes.. 
Thanks for sharing ...Maxine
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