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[IP] seeing other pumpers

When I was still researching insulin pumps, I noticed
that the barista at my favorite coffee shop had a wee
tube coming out of her front pocket....what I had
always assumed was a pager was in fact her minimed
508...!  I asked her if it was an insulin pump, and
now that I'm pumping, we always compare notes when I
get my weekend cappucino...

So far she is the only other pumper I've encountered. 
I know there are more and more of us out there!

By the way, thanks to everyone who had comments about
different infusion sets...I was using quick sets and
had so many bad sites, I lost count.  Am now using
Silouhettes and having great numbers!  And no pain!

Yay!  Ok, done raving now.   

Hope everyone is doing well....

Anna in Seattle
dx'd 05/80 pumping since 05/03 paradigm

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