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Re: [IP] re: low bg helper

Both favorites of mine....
Smarties - sweet and somewhat chalky
SweetTarts - sweet & sour, as well as chalky.

I use tablets during the day, and gel at nite, all i have to do with gel is 
bite the end off the tube.  No chewing required.  Getting tablets out of 
the container at 13 mg/dl is a bit difficult.  Besides, my dog rushes me 
and steals the tablets.... :)

I can't use candies really, i like them all too much.  I'd turn into a big 
ole baloon.  I will use starburst, skittles, smarties, sweettarts, etc if 
i'm caught without tablets.  But when i was young i'd go low on purpose in 
order to get some candy.  I decided that was a bad idea and began treating 
lows with tablets...

At 07:06 PM 7/2/2003 -0400, you wrote:
>   The Smarties we have are not tart or sour, they are sweet.  You might be
>thinking of something else.......LOL!!!!!
>mom to Joshua
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