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[IP] Re: IP] New Topic - Maintaining Control

Hi Renee-
I was dx at 17 years old- on prom night (and I had a date, dress, and killer
shoes) 4 days before my high school graduation, 10 weeks before shipping off
to college (never having been away from  home)
I didn't start really taking care of myself until I was almost 24 and now
the sky is the limit as far as my control goes...
My A1C before this was 12.6-consistantly..
What helped?  Supportive friends- people who accepted me for who & what I
was and eventually my best friend- who I am now married to- the guy I
finally felt accepted by and also felt that I owed it to him to stick around
as long as possible- and got under control so that maybe we could have some
That's the only thing that did it- my mom begged me- my aunts offered
unsolicited (and sometimes hurtful advice) and made me feel like I was no
longer a person but DIABETES personified...
I guess eventually I felt I was worth hanging around this planet a little
bit longer...
Just my experience....
Best of luck- can't imagine watching someone go through this part....
Big hugs to you!  Sometimes the only thing that can help is time and

"I'm curious what advice the BTDTers
( been there/done that) can offer to a 20-something (not living at home)
well-aware of what she SHOULD be doing, but isn't doing it....Is this
inevitable? Is it just another facet of the relentlessness of the diabetes
24/7???...if you struggled, what helped you to get back on track????...."
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