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Re: [IP] New Topic - Maintaining Control

Hi Renee,

i've been a pumper for a little over 2 months now, so that makes me an
expert :>). I was dxd'd
in 89 as a T1. The best advice i can offer is that the "D" word is actually
stands for 
DISCIPLINE, as soon as one stops denying it. I have taken the approach that
this is the 
way life is gonna be and if you can adjust to it your better off. Yes there
are some
disciplines, but once you make them part of your routine they just blend in.


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>       Leaving behind the "language" issues of the past few days, let's move 
>on to something more pragmatic: CONTROL.....
>       I'd like to hear from those of you pumping 5-10 years now: have you 
>maintained consistently "acceptable" control?? if so, HOW?? If not, have you 
>regained better control after periods of "nonchalance"- if so, HOW? If
>learned "tricks of the trade" that have enabled you to achieve better
>       Not having diabetes myself, but watching my daughter's control remain 
>"stuck" in the high 8s for the past year, I'm curious what advice the
>( been there/done that) can offer to a 20-something (not living at home)
>well-aware of what she SHOULD be doing, but isn't doing it....Is this 
>inevitable? Is it just another facet of the relentlessness of the diabetes 
>24/7???...if you struggled, what helped you to get back on track????....
>      My concern is also stemming from hearing more "stories" of CDEs taking 
>teens off of the pump because they've become too cavlaier/nonchalant about 
> their diabetes......so if you went off the pump for a "Lantus/Humalog
>did that make your return to the pump more diligent????
>Renee ( Melissa's pump mom- "unattached" to her literally, but always 
>"attached" figuratively as a mom!)
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