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[IP] NT-Maintaining Control

Hi Jef--I too hate keeping records. Usually do 2 weeks before endo appt.
Is pain to have to measure (or guess) food amt, count or guestimate
carbs, write all the Bgs & carbs & bolus & basals down.
I am a Type 2 insulin insufficient, IR included, who likes food but not
that crazy about meat!  Have had more soda (diet) since Dx in 1998 than
I ever had in my life!  I do not do Bernstein or Atkins, 20-60 carbs per
meal with an occassional excursion.  I often have to use different
insulin/carb ratios for different times of day, &/or different foods, &
amount of movement before &/or expected after eating.
I found the MM record book to be the most useful for me as you can chart
by day, see flucuations, lows highs at a glance.
I do have a disetronic H-tron Plus pump, did & do want one where I can
take insulin by 10ths (such as, 2.7u, not 3u for something. & if count
comes out 2.2u, I would take 2u.  This pump does serve me well tho, even
with the 1/2 units. (I know, I doubt .1 increments would make my
readings perfect.)
What I keep records on, are sheets of paper with 24hr spaces for
readings, carbs, bolus, correction bolus (I use 1800 rule for lows &
highs, plus I have a chart based on 1800 rule, just have to look at it,
I use calculator when away from home for corrections.
I think it is an enlarged page of MM's record book.  This has let me
know that I show no pattern.  After 2 wks, I had a semi-pattern and
raised afternoon basals .1%.  My night ones were ok until this AM when I
did not eat, at 9:15 was 131 (figured it was ice-cream and PB at
11:30pm) by 11:15am was 148, with trace ketones.  See how you can't win?

I have been at this for a year pumping, and when I last had an A1c and
it went back to a 7.2 from 6.9, have to try something!
Hope this is not too wordy--You are not alone and bet over half on list
are in same boat!  That all is not as rosy as it sounds :).
For those with perfectly in control numbers, Congradulations!  Linda K
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