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[IP] Re: driving when low

 OK here's one I've been thinking about - were not supposed to drive if under
5.5(100) now if I'm driving along and test and am 5.2 do I actually have to pull
over and treat or can I treat(juice box) and continue to drive? Is the danger
the fact that I'm under 5.5(100) ot the fact that I could be dropping and end up
in a true low - which wont happen if I'm treating while driving.
 I admit that is what I do, I'm pretty good at testing while I drive at one stop
light I pull the tester out and unsip it, the next stop light I pull out the
strip and insert and the next I get the blood sample and apply ( Ya I know I
seem to hit alot of red lights) of course if I'm just on a side street I just
pull over and test - or if I think I might actually be low.
 And if I feel low but I'm not I'll treat wait about 5 minutes and then take the
insulin to cover it - trick my brain into thinking I treated it - I feel
low(weak and shaky) like 90% of the day and I also feel high(sick and nausous)
about 90% of the day - hence why I test alot !

Summer (dx'd 1986 at age 4)
Pumping Nov.12/02 - Blue Paradigm

> I am hyper aware of the importance of not driving when low and the
> article in a recent Diabetes Forecast made me realize how right I was,
> how much your ability to think and make good decisions go out the 
> windowas your blood sugars go down.  I usually have my son in the 
> car with me
> and share snacks with him as we wait together.
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