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Re: [IP] Re: Pain with inserter


  I have to say that as a mom of a -then- young pumper, I do NOT understand 
why the companies insist that everyone should start out with the 
 Sil/comfort/Tender style of sets. And with very young kids I REALLY don't
understand it.
We HATED the Tenders and have not looked back since switching to the 90 
 degree-straight in style sets. We now use the MM Quick Sets and that inserter
 Joshua is VERY skinny...so you can't use that as an excuse. Those long needles
of the other style and figuring out the best angle and having to fight a child 
who is screaming and crying because of the pain and discomfort is just NOT 
 worth using those style of sets. PLEASE to all parents of young pumpers try ALL
the different style sets before being told by some idiot that you have to 
 start with one style. It may make the difference between night and day for you
and your child.

Stepping down now!!!!!!

mom to Joshua
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