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Re: [IP] New Topic - Maintaining Control

Pumpers and Friends,

Maintaining Control??? All you can do is try.

    Control is hard to get it right all the time, so times you just get by.

> Greetings:
>        Leaving behind the "language" issues of the past few days, let's
> on to something more pragmatic: CONTROL.....
>        I'd like to hear from those of you pumping 5-10 years now: have you
> maintained consistently "acceptable" control?? if so, HOW?? If not, have
> regained better control after periods of "nonchalance"- if so, HOW? If
> learned "tricks of the trade" that have enabled you to achieve better
> HOW????

I was 24 when I start on my first pump, control was very hard to get back
when with the pump I had better it still was better than shots A1c on shots
was 11-13 on pump 8-9 for the first 3 or 4 years. I would get mad that it
was not better or going up at times. I stopped using pump for 3 days after
the doctor told me ok if it not working go back to shots. Well the first day
was ok, but the first night was HE** had a seizure from a low. You would
think I would be high the next day NO... was fighting lows for the next two
day, I started back on pump that Monday morning... bloodsugar were better
almost a hour and the low stopped.

>        Not having diabetes myself, but watching my daughter's control
> "stuck" in the high 8s for the past year, I'm curious what advice the
> ( been there/done that) can offer to a 20-something (not living at home)
> well-aware of what she SHOULD be doing, but isn't doing it....Is this
> inevitable? Is it just another facet of the relentlessness of the diabetes
> 24/7???...if you struggled, what helped you to get back on track????....

Yes, high 8's are not the best but what would they be on shots? Back when I
was 20's I like to have a drink or maybe a whole pizza or 3 chickens. When
one day I got up feeling like he** , asked myself  what am I doing. So told
my roommates... Guys... told let me be a dumbas* anymore remind me to only
have one or two beers not the whole case... to eat better... "Hey we all did
because I started to cook meals for all of us that were good for you. Not
just BCP...Beer- Chips- Pizza." Our moms even saw the change in what we
ate.... they would drop off fruit...vegs too. My friends help a lot... My
mom had all of us over to eat and talk about eatting well, watching what
/how much you had to drink... All of this IN away only a MOM can do... even
my friends learned somethings... " HEY Rodney your Mom is cool, can you cook
like her? It not that we didnot eat BCP but we eat better things too. And
found out that fruit didn't cost as much as the chips.

>       My concern is also stemming from hearing more "stories" of CDEs
> teens off of the pump because they've become too cavlaier/nonchalant about
>  their diabetes......so if you went off the pump for a "Lantus/Humalog
> vacation",
> did that make your return to the pump more diligent????
> regards
> Renee ( Melissa's pump mom- "unattached" to her literally, but always
> "attached" figuratively as a mom!)

Melissa will come around someday and get better control she just need to
grow into being adult who understand the need to take care of herself, and
why her MOM is and always will be "attached" to her.

                            REMEMBER TO SMILE AND BE HAPPY


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