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Re: [IP] New Topic - Maintaining Control

In a message dated 07/02/2003 11:18:11 AM Eastern Daylight Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

>     Not having diabetes myself, but watching my daughter's control remain 
> "stuck" in the high 8s for the past year, I'm curious what advice the 
> BTDTers 
> ( been there/done that) can offer to a 20-something (not living at home) 
> who's 
> well-aware of what she SHOULD be doing, but isn't doing it....Is this 
> inevitable? Is it just another facet of the relentlessness of the diabetes 
> 24/7???...if you struggled, what helped you to get back on track????....
>    My concern is also stemming from hearing more "stories" of CDEs taking 
> teens off of the pump because they've become too cavlaier/nonchalant about 
> their diabetes......so if you went off the pump for a "Lantus/Humalog
> vacation",
> did that make your return to the pump more diligent????
> regards
> Renee ( Melissa's pump mom- "unattached" to her literally, but always 
> "attached" figuratively as a mom!)

Hi Renee I have not posted to you in a long wile. As you know I am a 55 year 
pin cushion, just past my 58th birthday. I went thru my teen years + early 
 20's in the 60's. I am sure my a1c's were 9 or 10, but I can't quote them as
didn't have that test then. I can only tell you my wife + my mother are much 
of the reason I am still hear. They put pressure on me any time I went over 
the edge. I think you can remind not yell because that is the fast way to what 
 you don't want. I had a brother 12 years my senior and he lost his eye sight in
1957 so examples are not going to stop what you think is poor control. Roger 
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