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[IP] Re: I need some HELP if available

Hi Gina-
ugh I am learning far too well right now the terror that can be induced when
ones insurance goes sour....for me it's comparitively minor
right now but still-ouch!
Anyways-  in your situation- and you should probably get your docs involved
in this-you'd be surprised how much help they can be....
also find out who makes your meds- and contact them- alot of pharm companies
have assistance programs...at the very least maybe they can offer you
As far as pump supplies and insulin goes-I can't be of any help - I've
started reusing all my tubing and cartridges because my insurance co. is
doing a tap dance on my grave before I'm even dead!
Best of luck and a big hug!

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Subject: Re: [IP] I need some HELP if available

In a message dated 7/1/03 8:56:00 PM US Eastern Standard Time,
email @ redacted writes:

> I also just recently found out about a blood disorder that I have and it
> causing my blood to be real thick and is causing blood clots. The
> I
> am taking for that is $12,000 a month
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