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Re: [IP] Questions for ultra smart users (Ultra Smart misinformation)

Hi Summer,

> ... also can you not add in bg numbers from another machine? I am
> trying to find how to enter in my sugars from my fast take

> I wanted to be able to just punch in the bg number and time - I was
> sure someone had said this could be done.

After rereading your posts, I'm not sure what you want -- the ability
to add bg readings to the *meter* or to the In Touch/OneTouch *program

You _can't_ add bg readings and times to the meter. If someone said
it, they're mistaken.

You _can_ add bg readings and times to the In Touch program database.
I started up "In Touch 1.3.3", the last release in this version, then
clicked on Report -> Data List. Once the data was displayed, I clicked
on the "Add" button. A row was added to the table and the date, time
and bg readings could all be edited.

There's also a way to add values in bulk: File, Export/Import...,
Import tab. However, the data must be very specially formatted.

I don't currently use the new program version, "One Touch V2.0" and I
don't know whether it can be used to enter data. Perhaps someone else
on the list can enlighten us.

So, if you want to see your Ultra Smart data added to your FastTake
data, download the FastTake data to the PC using the In Touch or
OneTouch software and then download the Ultra Smart data to the PC the
same way. The data will all wind up in one database.

regards, Andy
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