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[IP] re: the word SUCK

                 "Being a prude will get you nothing and nowhere" B.A  There 
is nothing wrong with the word "suck". My dad is a REAL religious-cult 
follower. TBN, and all of it. Well, he thinks that I became DM because I 
left his cult. He is now 60 and has Parkingson's, Alzhiemers, type 2 
diabetes with bad neuropathy and many stokes. I told him since he has never 
smoked, drank, or USED BAD WORDS, and his "straight and narrow" lifestyle 
had gotten NOTHING!!!! Don't be a prude.....It's only real IN YOUR head..... 
Happy to hear you dumped the PIG, Sara. Like the song from the 80's "He 
ain't worth the salt in your tears"......Bill in Az.....

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