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Re: [IP] re: on subject I PROMISE

On 7/1/03 10:09 PM, "Faith" <email @ redacted> Demonstrated stellar
typing skills  and mental acuity by writing:

> LOL!! and yes what I absolutely hate is being in a rush, all ready to go
> somewhere and take my blood sugar and it is too low for me to drive!
> Arg!  So I sit there eating air heads and retest and it takes 45min or
> more sometimes for my blood sugar to go up!   I hate hate hate that!!!
> It is worse when it happens when I'm out and I'm stuck sitting in my car
> eating candy and waiting.  I've started bringing a book with me so I
> have something to do while the stupid blood sugar is deciding when it
> wants to go up to drivable range!

<G> I concur with SSP's statements.

I Am curious. Have you tried plain old JUICE to bring those BGs up sometime
in the next 15 minutes? They have those little boxes of apple juice, Hi C
and Orange/Sunny-D etc... That box of juice and a packet of cheese crackers
or peanut butter crackers, or a nutri-grain bar gets and keeps me up.

I don't drive, but regard going hypo on the OCTA pretty dangerous as well.
People mostly can be nice, but MY luck, I'd get an opportunist who would
steal my bag or something while I'm having diffs.

-- Geeks are...Nerds with Social Skills!

AOL-IM: Wyldceltic1

Jenny Sutherland
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