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[IP] re: san diego pumper/ meeting other pumpers

<<<<<<<<From: Kim Tribe <email @ redacted>
Subject: [IP] San Diego Pumper

 I have only seen one other "pumper" in San Diego, and that was at my
endo's office. Just wanted to respond and let the San Diegans on this
message board know that yes! there are other pumpers around..........it
would be nice to see some of you, I kinda feel alone with just my
Paradigm and I! :)>>>>>>>>

Hi Kim,
I'm glad you met one and I hope that many more come out of the woodwork
and meet you there in San Diego.  Such a big city should have some kind
of pumper support group going, shouldn't it?  
My small experience with meeting other pumpers here where I live has
been small and the time last spring was very disappointing.  The 2
ladies I met really "snubbed" me because I didn't have the same kind of
pump they did.  I was so excited to be able to talk to someone about
pump stuff instead of the type 2 stuff we always hear at diabetes
meetings, but I was pointedly left out of the conversation.
On a good note, last Thursday I went again and one of the older ladies
who has been type 1 for 57 years has had a pump for a month and was so
excited about it!  She was really kewl, telling every one there they had
to get a pump! (even though there were only 3 of us there on insulin and
2 of us (including her) already have one.  The other man has had
diabetes for around 65 years and has no complications.  He doesn't see
any need to change.!

Faith, pumping with the dtron plus 4-5-03 

type 1 diabetic 21+ years and glad to be here

pumping since 08-00
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