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[IP] My best friend and wife for 28 years

Ok. It was november 11, 1994, a friday, that I was dx'ed as being a type
2.  My doctor was a gp, and told me to talk to his nurse as her son was
diabetic and she knew more about it then he did.  It was my wife that
suspected that I should see the doctor when I complained of being
thirsty all the time.  It was my wife that went with me after all the
tests were done to find out what the doctor said, and it was my wife
that suggested maybe I would do better with a specialist.  So I ventured
forward and found a highly recommended internist who took me off 70/30
twice a day (does that make sense?) and put me on oral meds, and it was
him that returned me to humolog and lente a few years later.  My wife is
not my caretaker, she refuses to give me shots, she refuses to learn how
to check my blood sugars BUT she has always stood by me and supported
me.  I do not see what the big deal is, yes, I have gone low on her and
she has asked what she could do to help, yes, she is aware of my
glucogon kit in my shoulder bag and in theory knows what to do with it
should I need it.  She was sort of already stuck with me having been
married to me more than 18 years when I was dx'ed but she has always
been very supportive.  I expected that she would get very upset about
the pump when my doctor demanded that I go to a pump but no, we just sat
down and tried to figure out how we would pay for it.  So, there may be
men and women out there that do no cope well with a date or spouse that
has diabetes but I certainly got lucky.  and I hope everyone else
becomes just as lucky as me :)

Hopefully all of the above was said in a way that it can be read with
out upsetting anyone :)

Jon Wagner

type 1.xxx pumping since april 2003
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