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[IP] I need some HELP if available

I am not sure if itis appropriate to write and ask for help on here, but I am 
getting desperate.  I have been pumping a little over a year. I had no 
 coverage from insurance to begin with and some people helped me out with
 and insulin. I then got medicaid and was covered through that. Well, now I have
been dropped by medicaid and I can no longer afford the costs of being on the 
pump. I went to my Doctor today and had him prescribe me Lantis to start 
 taking it using injections again. I am so sad because my A1c has dropped a good
 deal since I have been pumping and I hate to go back to injections but I do not
know what else to do.
I also just recently found out about a blood disorder that I have and it is 
causing my blood to be real thick and is causing blood clots. The medication I 
am taking for that is $12,000 a month and my parents are cashing in CD's to 
pay for it. I just can't ask them for more $ to pay for pump stuff. I even 
 thought about selling my pump on Ebay or somewhere to help with my other
I am at a loss for ideas and just do not know what to do. I decided to turn 
to my fellow members of IP and see if anyone has extra supplies or insulin. If 
anyone can help I would be so appreciative, I can be emailed off of IP at 
email @ redacted

Thank you so much !!!

Gina Doyle
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