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Re: [IP] Not My Man!!!!!!!!

At 06:44 PM 7/1/03, "Laura Shapiro" <email @ redacted> wrote:
>Had to put in my two cents for my husband--19 years of marriage for us
>yesterday and diabetes never has been an issue at all.
>I know lots of guys who don't mind, and probably women too.

Not mine either.  We've been married for 25 years this past June.  I 
couldn't ask for a better friend, companion, lover (can I say that 
here?).  He's the best.  I've told this story before but....

When we were first dating, I think it was very early in our relationship, 
we had only been dating for a month or two.  He was over visiting (I had my 
own apartment then) and I wasn't feeling real well.  I went to lie down for 
a bit.  He came into the bedroom to check on me and I was in a severe 
low.  He knew I had diabetes, but I had never really explained it all to 
him.  He first called my mother for help, then called my doctor.  I was 
really bad, vomiting and all (which can happen during a severe low).  He 
followed my doctor's instructions, and when I came to, he was holding my 
head wiping the vomit from my face with a cool, damp washcloth.  I've never 
forgotten that.  I knew at that moment he was a keeper.  I wouldn't trade 
him for anything in the world.  There are good men out there.

Type 1 for 40 years this month
Pumping 3 years this past May 
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