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[IP] Deltec Ordeal

Hey Ellen, Actually, this afternoon, Stuart Sundem from Deltec called me. We
discussed what happened to the pump and he was very nice. They will let me
know what happened to it once they receive it back. We hope to get the
replacement tomorrow morning. Kevin is having "fun" trying to remember carb
counting the Disetronic way! ha ha. He has to think more again! Of course
TONIGHT we had Pizza! yikes. Anyway, Stuart was very helpful and will look
into it for me. You are right, they monitor this site and I appreciate it! I
hope the new one doesn't do this! It only started in the last 2 weeks giving
us this error. Stuart said that it would have said something like the
cartridge was removed if the cartridge was the problem. We got the new ones
today, and I've already filled some for the new pump tomorrow. I'll let you
know....we LOVE this pump and hate that this is happening!

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