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[IP] Re: Paradigm - a bit long

<I have not had any 'issues' with my pump. In reality this is not a
but more of an inconvenience since I do plan to keep my pump when I go into
pool or beach. I must say that I am emotionally attached to it and I do have
bit of a problem sending it back and just keeping the one they are sending.
I am
getting the latest ver of SW but I liked the one I had (1.7) since I had not
issues with it. Oh well.>

Eloisa, while I haven't had the same physical problem with my pump that
you're experiencing, I too had similar attachment feelings to my first
Paradigm.  I had my original one replaced because of a couple of E21 alarms.
If I didn't know it was a reconditioned pump, there would be no way to tell.
In addition to the software, they replace the entire case so it looks brand
new.  In fact, my second pump looks better than my first one did.  There
were some hairline cracks on the corners of the window where the reservoir
is on the first one.  I wasn't sure if they were normal or not until I got
my second pump and realized they were not.  Anyway, the way I look at it now
is that if something else ever goes wrong, I'll get a replacement and it
will be "new" again.

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