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[IP] Brain damage

sherry writes:

> And--does anyone know about the brain damage thing? They said several times
> that if his blood sugar wasn't raised quickly enough he could have
> irreversible brain damage.

Two years ago I had a summer full of undeteced low blood sugars before my
"status" was changed from a Type 2 to Type 1 diabetic.  More frequent testing
revealed that my blood sugar was plunging to the 30's quite often.  By the end
of summer I was noticing that I had a little difficulty with my speech.
Certain sound combinations were harder to pronounce.  I could cover the
problem, but speech was not effortless, more like trying to put on a phony
accent.  After Dr exams and eventually a couple MRI's I was seen by a
neurologist who showed me some small dark spots on my brain scan.

He called them very tiny occlusions, said they are sometime seen in insulin
dependent diabetics.  They were actually on the opposite side of my brain from
where normal speech centers are located, but he thought that since I am an
extremely verbally oriented person that these isolated problems show up
because I use both sides of my brain for speech and this area affects certain
sound patterns I try to make.

My problem comes up with sound combinations like t's and d's  (today, Daddy,
etc.).  It is greatly exaggerated in stressful situations or when I'm very
tired.  If this is the worst it gets I'm only mildly bothered.  I worry more
about the possibility that this will get worse.  One year later my brain scan
showed no change on my spots.  The Dr. didn't know too much about this
subject.  If anyone has any other info on it I would appreciate it.
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