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Re: [IP] Not My Man!!!!!!!!

Laura, My husband has always been good about accepting my diabetes. My only
problems is that he sometimes makes comments when he sees people with
diabetes, blind or with missing limbs, like "they should have been taking
care of themselves" or "They have nobody to blame but themselves". I tell
him how I feel about those comments because it could be me one of those
days - things happen like this no matter how good a diabetic takes care of
themselves. From my understanding, it depends on genes - some people have
heart disease, kidney disease, etc. in their family adding another
predisposal to something going wrong. That part seems hard for him to
understand but he has always been supportive of the diabetes part and knows
that sometimes things are not perfect being on the pump. I tell him when
stuff happens "bad set, my sugars were up - go figure, glad I changed my
set". I do remind him of when stuff goes wrong so he can get it. Life for me
has been so much better on the pump rather than MDI and he has seen that
change and appreciates that. Happy pumping Sharon B
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Subject: [IP] Not My Man!!!!!!!!

> Had to put in my two cents for my husband--19 years of marriage for us
> yesterday and diabetes never has been an issue at all.
> I know lots of guys who don't mind, and probably women too.
> And I must share that I am currently on an Animas pump trial and the first
> night I could not figure out why hubby kept pushing a glass of water
> me at the restaurant.  Well, he wanted to see if the Animas really was
> "Waterproof!"
> (still laughing over that one.)
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