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[IP] Men ROCK, and maybe women ummm ... stink

Ok, So I totally sympathize with those dealing with insensitive dates. Just 
before my first date with my now-husband 5.5 years ago, a friend of mine at 
work was dating a diabetic. She was very negative about it, and was 
considering dumping him purely because of the diabetes, and told me she 
never would have gone out with him had she known ahead of time. This 
panicked me - I had no idea anyone would feel that way - I called my future 
hubby with whom I had a first date that night. I told him that I had 
diabetes, and his response was largely "so? why would that make a difference 
in me wanting to date you?" There are good guys out there, just keep 
looking. You're better off knowing now than once you're more attached. The 
friends attitude did not bother me at the time (I was a naieve 20-year-old), 
but I later realized what a negative influence she was in my life, and 
ceased to be friends with her (this is the same person who, when I told her 
I was getting married, responded "why?").

So, yeah women can be just as bad.

My husband is now comfortable helping me manage my diabetes in whatever way 
he can, and has actually been a large force in me gaining tighter control.

Type 1 8 years, pumping 13 months with Buzz the MM Paradigm

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