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Subject: Re: [IP] People (men) SUCK

Sara-  I loved your response to this guy....I hope he learns his lesson or
at least stays out of the dating and gene pool! and once again I had to look
at my spouse and say "thank god we aren't out there anymore!"
Anyways-  there are some good ones out there...I married one...He was uncool
about alot of things at first but he was ok with the diabetes(not that he
knew much about it)-  even with (when we decided to get married) all the
warnings and horror stories from both of our families (gotta love it) he
feels that judging me by my diabetes would be like not liking someone
because they were balding or had heavy ankles (he's balding, I have the
wacky ankles).
I know I'm lucky-  my mom has breast cancer and had a mastectomy-  my dad's
so judgemental about the way she looks that they haven't shared a bedroom
since her surgery 3 years ago...so sad that there are people like this in
the world...
And since we finally got our act together he's learned a ton and I've
learned that not all people are shallow and how strong true love can really
So there are some out there--and until one finds you or you find him keep up
the sass and the good sense of humor!
you go girl!
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