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Re: [IP] Disappointed in the Discovery Channel--More DM stuff that seems wrong

I had my last and only EMT to the rescue situation 4 years ago--I was in the
teens and seizing.  It took me over a year to get my short term memory to a
functioning point.  I still have a difficult time remembering things that
people have said or that I've read-even moments after they have happened.
Before this I was one of those folks that never forgets a thing-person,
fact, place, etc....but it has gotten somewhat better...
Now when I have a low (anything under 60)- my reaction time (physical and
mental) is severely slowed for at least 48 hours.....
of course YMMV....just my experience...
Type 1- 10 years
Pumping 2.5
24.5 weeks pregnant with Alex -a baby boy!

Subject: Re: [IP] Disappointed in the Discovery Channel--More DM stuff that
seems wrong

 sherry writes:
> And--does anyone know about the brain damage thing? They said several
> that if his blood sugar wasn't raised quickly enough he could have
> irreversible brain damage.
> From what I understand being low can cause brain damage. That is if you
low and unconsious (sp?) It is bad to be low and it is bad to be high. Both
 cause damage to our body. It appears, without having watched the show, that
may have exaggerated the info. But yes, being low a lot or for too long can
 cause damage. Some people cannot function in the 30s while other people are
YMMV This is why doctors are so worried about people being low all the time.

dxd age 7 1988 pumping 1992
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