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Re: [IP] Dating and Diabetes/Caretaker???

In a message dated 7/1/2003 11:20:34 AM Alaskan Daylight Time, 
email @ redacted writes: 
> I take a lot of pride in being as independent and self-sufficient as I can 
> be,
> but we all need help sometimes.

Very, very well said, Sherry. I too, am a fiercely independent person. I too, 
like Sara ex-boyfriend, do not want to be a "caretaker" in the sense that I 
 don't want to "carry" a slacker. Someone who won't work for a decent life, that
depends on the other for everything. I am looking for someone to SHARE a life 
with, whether it is taking out the garbage, mowing the lawn or cooking and 
washing clothes, and yes, help me with those times I need help, because as 
Sherry stated, we ALL need someone, sometime and that too should be shared. 

But most of all, it is what is inside a person, the love and caring, the 
 kindness and sharing, that makes a couple. Not what you look like, or your
dealings, whether it is diabetes, or asthma, arthritis or whatever.  NONE of 
 that matters, cause as we age, NObody knows what life is going to hand us. Some
of us just got stuff on our plate earlier than others. Look at a few famous 
people, like Micheal J. Fox with Parkinson's and Christopher Reeve who became 
paralyzed and is now totally dependent on others. You do not know what your 
future holds, so live for today. The future will take care of itself. 

Ok, I'll be quiet now and go scrub the floor with my toothbrush. 
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