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[IP] Girls and Boys

Ok, language aside, as I have wasted to much reading time on that issue as it 
is, Sara was expressing her emotions, in her way, about a possible 
 relationship gone bad. I feel for her as I have had similar experiences myself.

A lot of messages recently haves stated that Men S**k (to avoid offending 
those with delicate constitutions. Personally, working in an emergency teen 
 shelter, I have heard a lot of things you would not want to even imagine). I
there are a lot of guys who are not worth the time it takes to smile.

OK, I am always for the underdog, so here it goes. There are a lot of guys 
 out there who are totally worth it. You just have to keep looking. In addition,
there are a lot of gals who totally stink. I am curious. Do you gentlemen have 
any war stories similar to Sara's, where you were dumped because of the 
 Diabetes. Let's hear a few of those, for equality sake. You know, this is not
a one sex disease, and there are some really shallow people out there, male 
and female. It is easy to say men stink, but think of how all the men who read 
the posts of IP feel. Wouldn't we women yell if someone posted the same about 
 women. (And yes, I am a women and as straight as a line drawn with a ruler, but
let's NOT go there, ok?)

There are also some really wonderful, caring people, both men and women in 
this world. YOu may have to look hard, but one place I have found a lot are 
right here in the IP Chat room. Try it some evening, you may be surprised.

A smile is worth a thousand words and costs nothing.
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