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[IP] Dating and Diabetes/Caretaker???

Sara, I agree that you are better off getting rid of the afore mentioned
creep. To assume that you would want or need someone to take care of you is
just "wacked" (sorry 'bout the slang).
When my husband and I first started dating, I told him on the first date I was
diabetic. I think it was because we were eating out and I didn't want him to
assume I was dieting because I ordered a Diet Coke, and I said no to dessert.
(I was on MDI then). He didn't have any trouble accepting that. It took him a
while to learn the difference between a high and a low. At first if I said I
was a lil low he'd ask if I needed a shot. And he was a little squeamish at
first about blood tests and shots but was fine as long as he could just sit
beside me and not have to watch. He has come a long way in 8 years. He has
even gotten pretty competent at testing me if I have a bad hypo and suspending
my pump. I used to really hate that he DOES sometimes end up taking care of
me. But in a relationship, don't you take care of EACHOTHER? Everyone,
perfectly healthy or not, sometimes needs someone. Whether you need someone to
listen to you when you talk about your terrible day, or comfort you when you
are sad, or offer to rub your achy shoulders, we need eachother. And what's to
say that a healthy person will never need taking care of if they get the flu,
or break a leg, or come down with something?
I take a lot of pride in being as independent and self-sufficient as I can be,
but we all need help sometimes.
Sara--I wish you the best of luck in meeting a good guy. One who is less
selfish and more independent himself.

Sherry C
>From the massive city of Bowling Green, KY
Who doesn't really know much about dating because she married her first real
boyfriend. Yeah, yeah... the jokes about Kentucky are sometimes right.
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