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Re: [IP] Deltec ordeal

 I have been using my Cozmo since the first of May, and I have not experienced
any of the problems that you described. However when I
 started pumping, I was told that I should always use a new resivor when I do a
site change (every 72 hours). I was told that it is
 necessary since the orings in the resivor can start to leak after about three
days. I just in put three days worth of TDD, plus about 20 untis
 for priming and extra. I usually put about 180u in a new resivor every time I
do a site change. I hope this helps, and please keep us posted
with your continued experiences.


> Date: Tue, 1 Jul 2003 09:51:41 -0400
> From: "Robin Ramm" <email @ redacted>
> Subject: [IP] Deltec ordeal
> Hi gang. I wanted to see if anyone else had the following problems with their
> Deltec? We were on vacation, so I guess it seemed worse at the time...
> Kevin would bolus and an error alert would come up detecting a blockage. We'd
> look at the tubing and didn't see one, but tried to purge out some insulin
> anyway. It would keep repeating the error over and over...one time, the only
> thing that would clear it was to replace the batteries and new insulin
> cartridge. When we called Deltec on Saturday, we spoke to a technical person
 > and they told us that we should change the cartridge every 3 days (never
> that before) and they will send us new cartridges that may be better in the
 > pump. (for those of you that have deltec - they said a solid white line
> the bottom of the cartridge)
 > TODAY, Kevin was bolusing his 10 u breakfast and it stopped in the middle
> the same error and then said "system failure!" and has this terrible ear
> piercing alarm! I was able to finish his bolus by unscrewing the battery and
> replacing it (same one). When I called the company they are sending us a new
> one...but he cannot use it today! Thank goodness we have a back up pump -
 > Disetronic....or we would be LOST!!!! I can't believe you are expected to
> a day without a pump...
> Anyone else have this problem? I feel bad for Kevin, he is getting so
> frustrated with it all.
> Robin
> Mom to Kevin
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