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[IP] Re: Language

>The First Amendment protects you in BOTH
>cases and further does not prohibit you from
>publically expressing your opinion about the small
>minded imbecile who was so shallow that they are....

>Now you are severely out of line. If the IP admins >have any sense they will
 >pull your post at the least, and perhaps even suspend >your account for
>unprovoked insults.

>missing out on one of the most incredible women he
>will ever have the opportunity to know in his

 >I seriously doubt that. Like I said...perhaps you should look into that small
circle of friends of yours.

 Upon 2nd reading, it is unclear who you are calling a "small minded imbecile";
the ex-boyfriend...or I who questioned the smart alec response to James ( you
know the one about fellatio).

 If you meant to criticize the ex-bf then I made a mistake in assuming you were
referring to me for not embracing Sarah - I believe. A clarification of your
intentions would be in order.



 PS - I now notice my full name popped up on my last post...not sure why you
didn't see it there in my original post. In either case, like I said, you
weren't curious as to my name...you just used the opening to portray some sort
of petty cowardice. Hope you're happy in any case.
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