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[IP] Re: Language

my dear Gail,

>Someone without a name, but with an e-mail address of
>"email @ redacted" tried to be witty with:

 You have a problem with my handle? Call me trifona. If that does not satisfy
your curiousity look up member profiles where you will see my full first & last
names. Alas we both know, that your initial sentence alone was little more than
a stab than of any real curiosity of what my name is.

>Ya know - Sara is one of THE SMARTEST people I know. 

 Congratulations. Maybe you have a small circle of friends, maybe she is
Einstein. I dunno nor care. The fact remains that she was less than smart in her
followup message where someone didn't approve of her use of language. I could
see her anger over the guy that dumped her, but she carried out her anger by
using unnecessary vulgarity against a fellow IP poster who simply wanted her to
tone down. It was that message that was not smart as I stated:

>>Now you are just trying to be smart ....

 She was being smart mouthed to someone else...if you took that statement as
some sort of qulaification of her overall intelligence....then too bad, you were

>It's also too bad your high school civics instructor
>did not understand or teach the underlying history and
>subsequent Supreme Court cases further elucidating the
>First Amendment or maybe you missed that day.  I take
>it that you did not pursue any constitutional law
>course work in your college studies.  

 Actually I did study Constitutional law. Either you are a very bad lawyer &
don't know how to read, or perhaps you just don't know how to read & think you'd
be a good lawyer.

I said:

 >Actually, any basic high school civics course would >have taught you that the
1st Amendment applies to the >freedom of speech against government persecution.
>Michael, or any of the IP administrators have the >right to pull your post.

 You Gail, removed the last sentence of my quote. That passage was to illustrate
the misconceptions of the 1st Amendment as posted:

 >but everyone has their right to their opinion!! isn't the first amendment a
wonderful thing!?

 By all means everyone has the right to their own opinion, but if Michael or any
other IP Admin wishes to pull the original post, your post, or my post, they
have that right. 1st Amendment protection does not equate to posting whatever
you want on a message board.

>The First Amendment protects you in BOTH
>cases and further does not prohibit you from
>publically expressing your opinion about the small
>minded imbecile who was so shallow that they are....

 Now you are severely out of line. If the IP admins have any sense they will
pull your post at the least, and perhaps even suspend your account for hurling
unprovoked insults.

>missing out on one of the most incredible women he
>will ever have the opportunity to know in his

 I seriously doubt that. Like I said...perhaps you should look into that small
circle of friends of yours.

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