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[IP] Language, attitude, a Mom's fears

Hi all,

It is too bad if anyone deleted the post about diabetes and dates, just
because the word "suck" was in the subject line. I know a lot of young
people with diabetes fear just that situation. Begin dating someone, things
go well, they accept your diabetes, or say they do, then suddenly, "they"
can't handle it.

And what is "it"? Having a "sick person", a "disabled person", or a "burden"
for a mate.

I think this sort of scenario happens frequently, although some dates may be
more discrete about the reason for the breakup. Young people looking for
partners fear it, parents have nightmares about this happening to their kid
with diabetes, and there is not much we can do to prevent this prejudice.

the question ( the one we should be answering, rather than criticizing the
use of slang) is this: how best to prevent this from happening, and how, if
it does, should a person respond to this cruelty and ignorance?

Finally, like it or not, the word "suck", for the vast majority of people
under 40, just means "to be bad, awful, disappointing or negative". True, it
is slang, and avoiding slang is more elegant, but every generation has
slang. Let's just pay attention to the real problem: dating and diabetes.
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