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[IP] Paradigm - a bit long

Hello fellow pumpers and PoP

 I must report an issue with my pump :o( I was at a meeting yesterday and when
the conversation turned to a topic that had nothing to do with me, I started to
'clean/inspect' my pump. I (once a month or so) clean my pump for dust, dirt,
etc on all the cresses (sp?) of the pump.

 Well, in the bottom side of the pump, the edge to the right that is visible
when looking at the pump with the screen facing you, is slightly separated.
Meaning, on the side that does not have this if you run your nail through it you
can feel and see the edge but on the side with the problem, my nail actually
'fits' in the spacing in that edge. It was filled with 'dirt' (probably dust,
cream residue, etc.) So I started to clean it out, not realizing that it should
not be there. When I finally got somewhat clean I realize this 'cress' does not
go all around. It only goes around the battery shaped area (the slight bumpy
side on the battery side.)

 Either way, I just could not remember if this was normal and I just had never
noticed it (since it is only around that battery and it looks like it might be
designed that way) so I called MM. I described it to them (I must admit it was
very difficult to describe) but in the end, the lady understood, and told me
that no, that is not part of the pump's design and that I should send it in
since that might mess up the waterproofness (sp?) of it all.

 Good news, is that my new pump is coming in today. I would have it first thing
this morning but I could not wait at home for it (I do have to work) so they
will be holding it at the FedEx location for me to pick up after work.

Has anyone had this happened before?
 I have no clue as to what could have cause it and I have not dropped and it
does NOT look like a fracture or crack. To me it looks like something was
pushing the bottom out from the inside (the side of the battery.)
What could have cause this?
 I am going to asked them for a root cause analysis or some type of report after
they evaluate it. Has anyone request for this and have you receive some type of
explanation? or is it part of their standard practice to let you know their
findings on pumps that were sent back? I know at my work, we have to do FMA and
root cause analysis for every part that is returned.

 I have not had any 'issues' with my pump. In reality this is not a 'problem'
but more of an inconvenience since I do plan to keep my pump when I go into the
pool or beach. I must say that I am emotionally attached to it and I do have a
bit of a problem sending it back and just keeping the one they are sending. I am
getting the latest ver of SW but I liked the one I had (1.7) since I had not
issues with it. Oh well.

 Please advise if you have experience this or have any feedback on this or
similar issues.

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