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[IP] Deltec ordeal

Hi gang. I wanted to see if anyone else had the following problems with their
Deltec? We were on vacation, so I guess it seemed worse at the time...

Kevin would bolus and an error alert would come up detecting a blockage. We'd
look at the tubing and didn't see one, but tried to purge out some insulin
anyway. It would keep repeating the error over and over...one time, the only
thing that would clear it was to replace the batteries and new insulin
cartridge. When we called Deltec on Saturday, we spoke to a technical person
and they told us that we should change the cartridge every 3 days (never heard
that before) and they will send us new cartridges that may be better in the
pump. (for those of you that have deltec - they said a solid white line around
the bottom of the cartridge)

TODAY, Kevin was bolusing his 10 u breakfast and it stopped in the middle with
the same error and then said "system failure!" and has this terrible ear
piercing alarm! I was able to finish his bolus by unscrewing the battery and
replacing it (same one). When I called the company they are sending us a new
one...but he cannot use it today! Thank goodness we have a back up pump -
Disetronic....or we would be LOST!!!! I can't believe you are expected to wait
a day without a pump...

Anyone else have this problem? I feel bad for Kevin, he is getting so
frustrated with it all.

Mom to Kevin
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