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Re: [IP] Questions for ultra smart users (Ultra Smart misinformation)

Hi Summer,

> can you not add in bg numbers from another machine?

No, you cannot, and the cable won't help a bit to do that. With the
cable and the on-line software (downloadable here:
https://www.lifescan.com/otdms/install.html ) one can transfer data
from the Ultra Smart (or another Lifescan meter) to the PC. There's
absolutely no way to go from the PC to the Ultra Smart.

FWIW, bg meters don't let users add bg results for a very simple
reason: there's concern that results might be faked by savvy users.

Hi, Erin.

> I think the only way to add BG numbers is if you buy the cable, but
> I could be mistaken

No, that won't work. Again, the cable only allows data to be
transferred from the meter to the PC.

Hi, Sharon.

> I have tried looking for cables at Radio Shack and at Staples

The cable is proprietary. The only way to buy it is to go through
Lifescan. You will _not_ find this cable in any store.

Hi, Jon.

> Where would on go on the web to find this free software?

Again, here's the URL: https://www.lifescan.com/otdms/install.html

> ... will it take info with any type of input

It will only transfer data from the meter to the PC.

> I have infrared, and serial inputs on my computer?

IR cannot be used. The cable connects to a serial port on the PC and
an RS-232 port on the meter.

I don't know if USB can be used via a USB-serial port adapter. Maybe
someone else on the IP list has tried that.

Hi, Ann.

> The only way that I know of to merge BG test results from other
> meters is to use the free One Touch software downloadable from the
> LifeScan web site.

The Lifescan InTouch/One Touch programs only accept data from other
Lifescan meters, but Summer was asking about transferring data from a
FastTake. That won't work.

> I ordered their interface cable back when the first version of the
> old InTouch software was put out. Their older cable does work for
> the Ultra Smart meter so I did not need to order a new one.

You were lucky. I had a cable that I'd ordered for the One Touch II.
It worked with the One Touch Profile and One Touch Ultra, but only
with the InTouch software. It did _not_ work with the new OneTouch 2.0
program. Lifescan sent me a free replacement cable.

The Lifescan part number for the new cable is 020-733-01.

regards, Andy
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