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[IP] Re: Weight Gain

I believe that we all can be too proactive in eating after a bolus- and then 
we begin to chase the insulin with food vs chasing the food with insulin.  In 
other words, we end up eating too much to offset lows after over bolusing for 
a meal- This is what happen to me when I went to Lantus last year from NPH.  
I gained 20 lbs only to lose it by changing my diet prior to going on the 
pump.  I went from fast food to chicken and rice etc...and also avoided fats 
that made my life in guessing a correct bolus miserable.  And instead of 
taking 15 units for a meal, then trying to eat enough to account for how it 
absorbed, I began using my carb ratio guess in calculating my insulin needs.  
 I still find myself occassionally chasing my BS'gs with food after bolusing 
too much.  But not nearly as often on the pump and my 20 lbs has stayed off 
now for 4 months.

GL  Bryon  39 diabetic since 3/76
email @ redacted    
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