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Re: [IP] Insulin resistance and weight gain

>I use less than 30 units a day too and have gained 22 lb since I began 
>pumping. Something else that I find strange.... I have been known to take 
>an occasional pump holiday from time to time. Without fail I lose weight 
>while I'm off the pump usually 2 to 5 lb. As soon as I put the pump back 
>on, I start to gain the weight back....with no change in diet or total 
>insulin dosage. And this all happens within the first day or two! I just 
>don't get it and I find it very frustrating. SharonJ

I lost 25 pounds the first year after I started pumping since I was no 
longer chasing the many lows I had with MDI.  As I said, all I did 
different was turn 50 and 10 of those pounds jumped back on.

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