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RE: [IP] Carpal Tunnel...

Hi Lois,
Don't know how old you are or if you're diabetic.

I was dx with carpal tunnel when I was 25 yrs old which was kind of young
and was in stage 4 which was pretty serious.  My daughter was 1 yrs old and
I couldn't pick her up and had the fear of dropping her.

My fingers were like sausages and the pain was horrible.  I also suffer from
neuropathy so between the both of them, I can't begin to tell you how I

I was happy with the results of the surgeries (I did have both hands done
but two months apart from each other).  However, I did lose some strength in
my hands and that upset me but I was free from some of the pain.

Unfortunately, carpal tunnel surgery doesn't repair the neuropathy but at
least I was able to function again.

No one told me that with diabetics carpal tunnel returns and I found that
out 9 yrs after my first surgeries and refused to have anymore since I
already lost strength and didn't want to lose anymore.

I wouldn't suggest having both done at the same time.  have one done, wait
till it heals and you can use that hand and then have the other one done.

Good luck and I hope this helps you.

You can e mail me back if you'd like.

kathy b.
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