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RE: [IP] re: carpal tunnel

Nothing to fear about being awake for surgery especially on the hand/wrist.

I had both hands done as well as all fingers but two for trigger finger and
was awake for all of them.

Are you getting an arm block or wrist block?

I like to be awake during surgery cause you don't have to spend so much time
in recovery and they let you go home as soon as they finish monitoring your
blood pressure and stuff like that.  Even feed you something afterwards :).

I also like to be awake as I talk and joke with the nurses, doctor and
anesthesiologist.  And once in a while, they will be nice and ask me what
type of music I would like to listen to as well:) :) :)

I'm sure you're going in on an outpatient basis and they are really nice to

I left my pump on during the last trigger finger surgery as that was the
latest surgery while I was on pump and no problem with it or my b.g.

Of course, anesthesiologist wanted it a little higher than normal so that I
didn't crash and then I adjusted when I got home.

Good luck w/surgery and don't overdo it with trying to use your hand.  I am
right handed and learned how to do lots w/my left hand when my right hand
was done.

Good luck!

Kathy B.
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