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[IP] re: pregnancy

I was diagnosed at age 17, was in denial for a few years, had DKA, finally
started taking shots, but not following and type of diet. I got pregnant when
I was 22, the doctor (pcp) that I was going to said to eat until I am full, as
far as any type of diet went, but to use good judgement. My son arrived 6
weeks early, weighed 6 lbs. 3-1/2 oz., and other than a touch of jaundice, was
perfectly healthy. Six months later, I got pregnant again. She was a breach
baby, and had to come c-section, weighing 8 lbs., 5 oz. The only problem that
I had was morning sickness lasting the whole time. If I ate something, chances
are it didnt stay down long. Other than that, there were absolutely no
complications. As a matter of fact, my diabetes was in the best control of my
life (until I started pumping, that is) with the least amount of effort on my
part. When I switched pcp doctors a few years later, my new doctor was
surprised to find that I've only had two pregnancies, with no miscarriages,
and both pregnancies were normal and healthy. Women with diabetes can have
normal, healthy pregnancies, and a c-sesction isnt always required.
As far as complications goes, the only one that I've had is cataracts, when I
was 23 and 24. In two days I go in to have carpal tunnel surgery on my right
wrist. I don't think thats a bad record after dealing with diabetes for twenty

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